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These are some frequently asked questions for Dungeons of Dredmor. Feel free to submit your own on the Discussion page or on the forum.

Q: Who created Dungeons of Dredmor and where are they from?

A: Dungeons of Dredmor was created by Gaslamp Games, a team of programmers and artists from the United States and Canada.

Q: What language is Dungeons of Dredmor programmed in?

A: Dungeons of Dredmor utilizes XML files for databases, but the code is programmed in C++ utilizing several distinct libraries and a lot of cursing.

Q: What is this game about?

A: It's about $5 in the US.

Q: Um... Seriously... What is this game all about? Will I like it?

A: Dungeons of Dredmor is a comic fantasy graphic turn-based roguelike adventure game. There are monsters to kill, random treasure items to find and kill monsters with, and more monsters to kill. There are also tons of pop-culture references and monsters to kill, a wide variety of skills to select from and monsters to kill.
If you like games like Nethack or Dwarf Fortress, but find the ASCII graphics unappealing or the interface too complex, this game may appeal to you, as it has full-colour, hand-drawn graphics, and the interface uses primarily point-and-click commands (or WASD keys for movement), eliminating the need to remember complex command sequences. You can see a demo of the game being played in this YouTube video by the Cynical Brit.

Q: How long is this game?

A: Dungeons of Dredmor is, like any other roguelike, a randomly generated game, and as such, can take varying amounts of time to play, depending on the level of difficulty and the individual player's game-playing style. There are ten dungeon levels, and a very difficult boss, Lord Dredmor, to defeat before you win the game. Even on the easiest difficulty, however, you may still find it hard to get to the end, as challenges abound on every level.

Q: Okay, I'm sold! Where do I get it and how much is it?

A: A little slow, aren't you? I think we already answered this, but here you go again:
It's about $5 in the US and you can purchase it through Steam.

Q: What platforms does it run on?

A: Mac and PC currently.

Q: What if I hate Steam?

A: You can hate Steam and still buy the game through them. Think of the starving devs you're supporting!

Q: Will there be any updates? DLC? Mod support?

A: The dev team is constantly working on enhancements to the game ("patches"). There may be full DLC downloads in the future, and complete mod support is planned at this time.
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