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Wands are magical items that are scattered throughout the Dungeons of Dredmor. A wand comes with a number of uses as shown on the tooltip, once these have been used up the item becomes burnt out and useless. Wands can be recharged using the n-Dimensional Lathe and skill in Wandcrafting

To use a wand, place it in your belt or inventory, then right-click it to prime it. Once the wand is primed, it will show as your active item. Then right click your target to use the wand.

Icon Name Effect Base Price Description
Wand arcane.png Arcane Wand Aethereal Missile - Damage: Aethereal Damage ( 1 + 0.2 Multi.png Magic Power ) + Blasting Damage 3 900 This wand appears to be a piece of arcane machinery graven with magic runes.
Wand bony.png Bony Wand Zombyfycation - When cast on a dead body, summons a Zomby as a pet. 600 This wand is bony and unpleasant.
Wand burnt.png Burnt Out Wand ? Once upon a time, this wand was turgid with power. Now it's just garbage.
Wand coral.png Coral Wand Minor Regen - Heal Life Points 2/turn for 10 turns 1500 This wand is pretty fabulous, all told. It's also a decent exfoliator.
Wand deciduous.png Deciduous Wand Skatha's Roots

Small Weak Poison Cloud

Vile Poison

? This wand has a lush crop of foliage coming along nicely. It looks a bit like it wants to choke the life out of one of the meat-people...
Wand firey.png Fiery Wand Firebolt - Damage: Blasting Damage ( 1 + 0.1 Multi.png Magic Power ) + Conflagratory Damage ( 4 + 0.15 Multi.png Magic Power )

Fire 1: Leaves a 1x1 patch on the floor on fire at the target, also igniting the target.

1000 It burns with the fires of magical essence imbued deep within.
Wand gelatinous.png Gelatinous Wand 3Multi.png3 Acid spash 1800 It's rather gooey and seems to eat away at whatever it touches.
Wand handy.png Handy Wand Psychokinetic Shove - Damage: Blasting Damage ( 1 + 0.25 Multi.png Magic Power ) and Knockback - Shoves things in a 3Multi.png3 square up to 3 blocks away. 400 Need a hand with magic? Well, here you go.
Wand icicly.png Icicly Wand Arctic Vortex on primary target and 3Multi.png3 Ice damage ? It's a cold, cold wand.
Wand meat.png The Meatwand Butchery - Damages a mob and causes it to drop Offal, Cube of Flesh, Fresh Steak, or Ground Meat. ? Among the more disgusting wands, the Meatwand's effects are confined to meats and certain preserves.
Wand naarwaand.png The Naarwhaand 3Multi.png3 Lightning ? Tempered in the cold waters of the Northern Ocean, the Naarwhaand channels the fury of [sic] of the skies of Hyperborea.
Wand rock.png Rock Wand Boulderization - Damage: Crushing Damage ( 15 + 0.2 Multi.png Magic Power ) and Knockback - forces the target back one square. (Hurls a large rock a the target, doing damage and knockback). 4000 Not to be confused with the stony wand, this wand looks like it was dug up out of a quarry.
Wand stone.png Stony Wand Unliving Wall - Damage: Crushing Damage ( 6 + 0.28 Multi.png Magic Power ) + Blasting Damage 2 and Knockback - forces the target back one square. Creates a stone pillar on top of an enemy mob (forcing the mob back). The pillar lasts for 48 turns. 800 Not to be confused with the rock wand, this looks like someone snapped off a stalactite and turned it into a wand.
Wand tentacular.png Tentacular Wand Tentacular Infestation Bolt - Debuff on the character: Nimbleness -5 for 4 turns.

Confusion for 7 turns
DOT: Necromantic Damage ( 3 + 0.45 Multi.png Magic Power ) for 3 turns
After four turns: Damage: Necromantic Damage (2 + Magic Power *0.55) (Explosion in a diamond shape with radius of 2 from the character
After five turns: Damage: Conflagratory Damage 4 (Explosion in a cross shape with radius of 1 from the character) & Thermite Burn at the target (Sets floor on fire for 32 turns, igniting target and doing Conflagratory Damage 10 for anything that walks through it)

2500 This wand is funny-smelling and it might have just moved a little.
Wand bling.png Wand of Bling Mega Midas - Damage: Transmutative Damage ( 6 + 0.35 Multi.png Magic Power ) and Midas - Damages a mob and causes it to drop a random amount of coins. 1300 The power of bling is not a power to be taken lightly.
Wand tesla.png Wand of Tesla Voltaic Empowerment Adds Voltaic Damage Resistance +6 to your defense and Voltaic Damage 2 to your attacks for 90 turns. 3500 Crafted by the feared Wizard Tesla, this wand tingles with inconceivable power.
Wand laser.png Wand of Laser Laser Blast - Damage: Blasting Damage ( 3 + 0.2 Multi.png Magic Power ) + Conflagratory Damage ( 2 + 0.1 Multi.png Magic Power ) + Aethereal Damage ( 2 + 0.1 Multi.png Magic Power )

Fire 1: Leaves a 1Multi.png1 patch on the floor on fire at the target, also igniting the target.

2500 Aside from some tangential properties, this wand's primary magical power involves distracting cats.
Wand zodiacal.png Zodiacal Wand Curse Removal - Removes active debuffs and over-time spells. Does not "uncurse" items. 1000 The motions of these tiny spheres reflects the sky somewhere far above. What's your sign?

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