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The Anvil of Krong is an altar found in the dungeons.

Placing any wearable item (including not just armor but also weapons) on the anvil will result in it gaining an enchantment (and becoming an artifact). There is a 5/7 chance of it gaining a positive enchantment, and a 2/7 chance of it gaining a negative enchantment. This does not apply to the character's first use of an Anvil of Krong, which will never result in a curse. If it gains a positive enchantment, the item will acquire 1-2 points worth of bonus stats (and sometimes 1 or more additional bonus points of boosts to your primary attributes, due to a bug). For a negative enchantment, the item will acquire 2-4 points worth of penalty stats (and again a possibility for additional points if they are modifiers to the primary attributes).

Non-random artifacts (such as the Armour poncho.pngPoncho With No Name) will not gain a random name when upgraded. If a positive enchantment is selected, non-random artifacts will also gain a different amount of enchantments, equal to their Artifact Quality.

Note: Certain non-random items are considered "artifacts", but do not have an Artifact Quality value. These items will not gain a positive enchantment even if they are used on the anvil. It is unclear whether this is an intended game mechanic.

You can also place bolts or throwing items onto an Anvil of Krong to turn them into artifact items. Damage bonuses gained this way will affect the damage caused by these items, but no other bonus or negative attribute will affect your character as you cannot wear these items.

Archaeologists can recharge an anvil with the spell Ancient Kronian Ritual, but only once per anvil.

Occasionally an Anvil of Krong will be found corrupted. Killing all the monsters in the room appears to cleanse the anvil, restoring it to an unused state. An Archaeologist can still use the Ancient Kronian Ritual on it, as usual.

[edit] Special Weapon Enchantments

Spell Name Description Notes
Boot your enemies away from you. Knocks monster back.
Electrical Strike ...shocks your enemies with bolts of electrical energy. Damage: Blasting Damage 2 + Voltaic Damage ( 4 + 0.2 Multi.png Magic Power ) with 33% chance to paralyze for 1 turn.
Arctic Cold ...freezes the flesh of your enemies. Damage: Hyperborean Damage ( 3 + 0.3 Multi.png Magic Power )
Ignition Bolt ...sets your enemies on fire. Damage: Conflagratory Damage 1 and burns the target.
Pyrokinesis ...sets your enemies aflame. Sets a single monster on fire and deals Conflagratory Damage ( 3 + 0.75 Multi.png Magic Power ) once. Additionally causes Fire 1.
Fleshbore ...bores into the flesh of your enemies. Damage: Piercing Damage ( 2 + 0.21 Multi.png Magic Power ) for 4 turns and debuffs Burliness -2 Nimbleness -1 Life Points -3 Armour Absorption -1 Crushing Damage Resistance -1 Slashing Damage Resistance -1
Thaumite Infection ...infects your enemies with ravenous thaumites. Damage: Putrefying Damage ( 3 + 0.18 Multi.png Magic Power ) and then 7 turns of Putrefying Damage ( 4 + 0.21 Multi.png Magic Power ) for every turn and debuffs Health Regeneration Bonus -10 Life Points -2, revokes itself to the ground after the 8th turn for 32 turns.
Midas ...transforms the flesh of your enemies into gold. Damage: Transmutative Damage 4 +0.15 Multi.png Magic Power & Midas (Effect)
Mini Curse ...curses your enemies with weakness. Damage: Transmutative Damage ( 4 + 0.4 Multi.png Magic Power ) and debuffs Burliness -1 Nimbleness -1 Sagacity -1 Life Points -1 for 10 turns, Stacks 10 times.
Sleep ...puts your enemies to sleep. Damage: Asphyxiative Damage ( 1 + 0.1 Multi.png Magic Power ) and sleep on target.
Nightmare ...sends your enemies into a terrible nightmare. Damage: Asphyxiative Damage ( 3 + 0.15 Multi.png Magic Power ) and sleep on target.
Force Blast ...blasts away everything in front of you. 3x3 AoE around the player. Damage: Blasting Damage ( 2 + 0.15 Multi.png Magic Power ) and 100% chance to paralyze for 1 turn, knocks monsters back by 3 tiles.
Blinding Flash ...blinds everyone around you with burning light. Damage: Righteous Damage ( 2 + 0.32 Multi.png Magic Power ) + Aethereal Damage ( 2 + 0.23 Multi.png Magic Power ) and 33% chance to paralyze for 5 turns.
Rockburst ...pounds your enemies with rocks. Damage: Crushing Damage 8 Slashing Damage 5 Blasting Damage 5
Dragon's Breath ...shoots of burst of flame toward your enemies. Shoots a Conflagratory Damage 5 flame that travels three spaces forward, then bursts into a 3x3 AoE flame lasting 3 turns.
Root ...roots your enemies to the ground. 5 turns of lockdown and debuffs Dodge Chance -8
Blast Effect you mighty powers of blasting. Damage: Blasting Damage 1
Fire ...starts a fire under your enemies. Lasts 20 turns on the ground. Damage: Conflagratory Damage 8 and burn the target walking on it.
Acid Burn ...burns your enemies with acid. Lasts 5 turns. Damage: Acidic Damage 6 and Acidic Damage 2 for every turn and debuffs Life Points -4 Armour Absorption -1 Crushing Damage Resistance -1 Slashing Damage Resistance -1. Additionally causes bleeding.
Vampirism Attack ...allows you to sap the life of your enemies. Damage: Piercing Damage ( 2 + 0.14 Multi.png Magic Power ) and heals the character for Life Points (damage done by this skill + 1).
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