Arctic Swirly

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Arctic vortex64.png

"Summons the cold Winds Of The North to bedevil your foes and chill their flesh from the bone. Does damage over time and decreases their ability to dodge and their resistance to cold."

Arctic Swirly is essentially an upgraded version of the Arctic vortex64.pngArctic Vortex spell from the Viking Wizardry skill tree. It is cast by the Monstrous Mask, it costs Mana Points 9 (with a 0.22 reduction per Magic Power Magic Power point) --does this even matter?-- and reduces the target's Nimbleness 1, Dodge Chance 5 and Hyperborean Damage Resistance 1. It also applies a damage over time of Hyperborean Damage 3 per turn for 4 turns, which increases by 0.10 for every Magic Power Magic Power point. The exact amount of magic power a Monstrous Mask has is currently unknown.

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