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"In the cold Northlands they fostered harsh - but fair - magicks particularly useful in close combat."

[edit] Levels

Level Icon Name Increased Stats Granted Ability Description
1 Magic steel64.png Power of Magic Steel Power of Magic Steel Thunder and storm with the triumph of your magic steel! This spell grants your attacks the power of lightning (and you defense against the same).
2 Skathas roots64.png Skatha's Roots Skatha's Roots These sumoned roots stop your foes dead their tracks. Also with the crushing of the throat and all that.
3 Arctic vortex64.png Arctic Vortex Arctic Vortex Cast this on your enemy to summon the cold Winds Of The North to bedevil your foes and chill their flesh from the bone.
4 Unholy warcry64.png Unholy Warcry Unholy Warcry Your unholy warcry drives fear and weakness into the hears of your enemies, reducing their ability to fight and, more importantly, to fight back.
5 Firehand64.png Hand of Belimawr Hand of Belimawr The Hand of Belimawr is a fiery one indeed; it grants you fiery defense and fiery attacks and sucks up mana like you wouldn't believe.
6 Fulminaric bolt64.png Thor's Fulminaric Bolt Thor's Fulminaric Bolt Calls down the fury of Thor in the form of a bolt of lightning. Stand back!

[edit] Granted Abilities

Name Cost Mana Points Effect
Power of Magic Steel Mana Points 16 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.25 )
Min Mana Points 6
Power of Magic Steel is a self-buff, costs Mana Points 1 every 6 turns to keep up, has a 55 % chance on hit to proc Small Electrical Strike and grants the following: Melee Power +1 Critical Chance +2 Voltaic Damage +2 Voltaic Damage Resistance +2.
Skatha's Roots Mana Points 10 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.23 )
Min Mana Points 2
Skatha's Roots places a mine on the ground lasting 6 turns snaring whatever steps onto it, reducing Dodge Chance -5 and applying the Root Crush effect which deals Asphyxiative Damage ( 2 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.15 ) every turn for 6 turns.
Arctic Vortex Mana Points 14 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.2 )
Min Mana Points 5
Arctic Vortex is a single-target debuff with a duration of 7 turns which gives the following: Nimbleness -1 Dodge Chance -2 Hyperborean Damage Resistance -1 and applies the Arctic Cold effect which deals Hyperborean Damage ( 3 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.3 ) every turn for 7 turns.
Unholy Warcry Mana Points 12 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.2 )
Min Mana Points 4
Unholy Warcry is a 12 turn debuff which curses every monster in a circle around the character, 7 tiles across, which causes the following: Nimbleness -2 Armour Absorption -3 Melee Power -3 Crushing Damage Resistance -1 Slashing Damage Resistance -1, and deals 5 Blasting Damage on impact. Additionally, can paralyze monsters for 1 turn, knock them back by 1 tile, or cause them to run away in fear.
Hand of Belimawr Mana Points 14 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.24 )
Min Mana Points 4
Hand of Belimawr is a self-buff which grants the character the following benefits: Melee Power +2 Conflagratory Damage +4 Conflagratory Damage Resistance +3 and a 51 % chance on hit to proc Ignition Bolt. It costs Mana Points 1 every 6 turns to keep up.
Thor's Fulminaric Bolt Mana Points 17 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.28 )
Min Mana Points 5
Thor's Fulminaric Bolt is a spell that hits everything on a tile for Blasting Damage ( 14 + 0.1 Multi.png Magic Power ) and Voltaic Damage ( 22 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.55 ) with a 33 % chance of paralyzing them for 2 turns and then hits everyone, including the character, in a 3Multi.png3 area around the first strike for Blasting Damage ( 3 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.1 ) and Voltaic Damage ( 4 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.15 ) with a 33 % chance of paralyzing them for 1 turn.
Caution: can target yourself, usually results in instant death.

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