Artful Dodger

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Stat Totals
  • Dodge Chance +19
  • Nimbleness +5

"The best defense is to be somewhere else."

[edit] Levels

Level Icon Name Increased Stats Granted Ability Description
1 Skill dodging.png Fidgety Fellow Nimbleness +2

Dodge Chance +5

Increases your ability to dodge.
2 Aikido64.png Aikido for Adventurers Nimbleness +1 Passive: Adventurer Aikido You've read an article in the back of adventurer's weekly about this, now let's see if it works... (Theoretically turns a dodge into a counter attack. Sometimes)
3 Leap64.png Knightly Leap Dodge Chance +3 Knightly Leap With this ability, you can leap out of trouble - or into it.
4 Transdimensional dodge64.png Transdimensional Dodge Nimbleness +1

Dodge Chance +3

Passive/Toggle: Transdimensional Dodge Sometimes you can dodge, almost out of reality (and then back into it). Whether this ends up being a good thing is to be seen on a per-case basis. You may activate this ability at will.
5 Sidestepper64.png Supremely Sly Side-stepper Nimbleness +2

Dodge Chance +8

Most Dodge! It's amazing you even get hit at all.

[edit] Granted Abilities

Name Cooldown Effect
Adventurer Aikido - 30 % chance to proc on character dodge. Deals Crushing Damage 3 and paralyzes the enemy for 1 turn.
Knightly Leap Cooldown 7 Activating it teleports you to a chosen tile, located in an L-shape from the start position—just like the Knight piece in Chess. Requires line of sight.
Transdimensional Dodge Cooldown 3
(to toggle)
100 % chance to proc on character dodge. Teleports you to a random tile. This buff consumes no mana, and can be toggled on and off at will with a 3 turn cooldown for each time you turn it on or off

[edit] Mechanics

Knightly Leap allows teleporting to the following tiles if unoccupied and in line of sight:
. . . . . . .
. . X . X . .
. X . . . X .
. . . H . . .
. X . . . X .
. . X . X . .
. . . . . . .
H = Hero/ine
X = Allowed landing tile

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