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Author Anonymous
Date 2011/07/25
Build Name Dual Shield Unarmed
Skill 1 Unarmed Combat
Skill 2 Archery
Skill 3 Shield Bearer
Skill 4 Artful Dodger
Skill 5 Deadshot
Skill 6 Archaeology
Skill 7 Tinkering

With unarmed combat using kicks, you can equip a shield in each hand, greatly increasing your survival chances. This is furthered by the addition of the artful dodger skill, which gives the highly under-rated knightly leap ability; together with high crossbow skill and an endless supply of bolts thanks to Tinkering, this allows you to beat any enemy that doesn't have a ranged attack without exposing oneself to attacks.

Also, since both Archaeology and Tinkering give great trap affinity, the player will keep a great supply of traps to use against bosses and Zoos (Remember that you can kick traps through doors to hit mobs in a zoo).


DSSCRA: Just wanted to say I have never seen knightly leap be under rated quite a few builds take artful dodger solely for knightly leap.

Lokiron: "(Remember that you can kick traps through doors to hit mobs in a zoo)". So how do I do this excactly? :-)

Shoutenkou: @Lokiron, place a trap on the ground and use Throwing Buffalo Tech. to move it.

Lucat4r13o: I believe it's also useful to replace archery, deadshot, and tinkering with vampirism, assassination, and berserker's rage.

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