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Author Gimix
Date 2011/07/24
Build Name Fireball Wizard
Skill 1 Promethean Magic‎
Skill 2 Astrology
Skill 3 Necronomiconomics
Skill 4 Blood Mage
Skill 5 Ley Walker
Skill 6 Tinkering
Skill 7 Mathemagic

Put your points in this order: Promethean magic -> fireball Ley Walker -> fill Blood Mage -> fill Nectronomiconomics -> nightmare curse Astrology -> fill

Tinkering is taken only for the additional trap sight radius. Literally anything can be taken for the 7th skill but mathemagic is nice for the early teleport. The first few levels (before you get summon wyrmling) are the most difficult. Fireball will be the spell you are using 95% of the time. If a monster is right next to you cast nightmare hex before casting fireball (you will need 3 dark magic resistance to take no damage from it). Nightmare hex stuns the monster and will likely kill. Radiant aura is useful for the sight increase.

Focus on finding equipment that gives you +mana regeneration. This build doesn't really kick in until you have 5 or more. After that focus on trap sight radius as traps will be the greatest danger on the lower levels.

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