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Author Seithais
Date 2011/07/26
Build Name Master Mage
Skill 1 Staves (Skill)
Skill 2 Promethean Magic‎
Skill 3 Fleshsmithing
Skill 4 Mathemagic
Skill 5 Blood Mage
Skill 6 Magic Training
Skill 7 Ley Walker

Go Promethean until you get Fireball than stop there. You should be able to kill everything on the first few levels with Fireball. Next max out your Blood Magic so you can spam Fireball if you have decent gear. Next I would get knit-tissue in flesh-shaping, the heal will help for emergencies. At this point either max out Magic Training or start working on your Mathemagic. Get atleast Xeuclid's Translation (the teleport spell) it is a great way to get some distance to cast fireball. The teleport spell you start with will also work in most cases. Last but not least max out your staves skill to get the bonuses. With this setup you should be able to beat the game, just watch out for those poison traps and keep some purifying and healing potions handy. Ley walker is not really needed with decent mage gear, so skill 7 can be any skill you prefer.

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