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Stat Totals
  • Nimbleness +6
  • Trap Sight Radius +3
  • Trap Affinity +3

They'll never know you were even there! This is a sneaky, stealy skill.

[edit] Levels

Level Icon Name Increased Stats Granted Ability Description
1 Skill burglary 1.png Vending Machine Looter Nimbleness +1
Trap Affinity +1
Vending Machine Looter Get one free item from every vending machine. If no one was looking, it wasn't a crime
2 Skill burglary0 64.png Lucky Pick Nimbleness +1
Trap Sight Radius +1
Passive: Lucky Pick Locked doors pose no impediment to your Lucky Pick.
3 Skill burglary2 64.png Lockup Nimbleness +1
Trap Affinity +1
Lockup Locks an enemy to their current position. Somewhere along the line you also learned something about traps.
4 Skill burglary1 64.png Ninja Vanish Nimbleness +1
Trap Sight Radius +1
Ninja Vanish Allows you to disappear into the shadows and make a getaway.
5 Skill burglary3 64.png Five-finger Discount Nimbleness +1
Trap Affinity +1
Five-finger Discount Steal an item the first time you enter a shop. Who doesn't love freebies?
6 Skill stealth3 64.png Move in Mysterious Ways Nimbleness +1
Trap Sight Radius +1
Move in Mysterious Ways It's all right, you move in mysterious ways. Perfect for the inconspicuous exit from the scene of a crime.

[edit] Granted Abilities

Name Cooldown Effect
Vending Machine Looter - Vending Machine Looter is an ability that lets the character steal one random item from every vending machine. If you do not have the inventory space for the item, it is dropped at your feet.
Lucky Pick - Lockpicking doors is always successful and does not require you to have a lockpick (nor does it consume one if they are in your inventory)
Lockup Cooldown 20 Roots a monster for 24 turns.
Ninja Vanish Cooldown 20 Turns the character Invisible for 10 turns.
Five-Finger Discount - Grants one free item from each shop if you have inventory room (if you do not, the message appears but you effectively lose the chance to get an item, since the item does not drop at your feet). You get one random free item per shop, and only at shops which you have not yet discovered when you get this skill. The item received is not removed from the shop's stock, though it is often a duplicate of an existing item in the shop. The item is received the instant you discover a room with a shop in it, not when you directly enter the "shop" portion of a room.
Move in Mysterious Ways Cooldown 24 Allows the character to teleport on a tile within his/her Visual Sight Radius .

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