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Dungeons of Dredmor is a difficult game. Here are some tips to help you start to get further in the game.

[edit] Skill Selection

These are the skills I recommend choosing as a beginner:

Axes Maces Dual Wielding Berserker Rage Deadshot Perception Assassination

I recommend starting with these skills because they all affect combat. Note that when you start the game, you will want to move your club from your inventory to your left hand so that you have both weapons equipped.

[edit] Level Progression

Start adding points into axes first, so that you can get Norwegian Axenado as soon as possible. This spell will prove invaluable when you uncover a Monster Zoo.

After that, get Maces to level 3 so that combined with Axes, your combat Stats will be very good. At this point, your main concern will be traps and Monster Zoos. To help out with the trap problem, start putting points into Perception. When you get it to level 3, you should have no problem disabling traps.

After Perception, start filling up Assassination and Deadshot. If you've made it this far... you're doing great!

[edit] Items

Don't forget that you can sell items to Brax. At the time of this writing you have to sell one item at a time, so it's a tedious process (you can speed it up by holding shift and click on items you want to sell, but you won't see the price then), but it's worth it because of the quality of equipment he sells. Sell everything except for food. Everything. If you pick up a piece of equipment that's better than the one you have on, you'll obviously want to equip it and then sell your old items.

Try to focus on equipping Axes and Maces, but don't rule out swords or staves. Just remember that you lose any stat bonuses from skills if you don't have a weapon of its respective type equipped. However, sometimes even with the lost bonuses, it's worth it to equip one of the other two weapon types if you find a really nice item.

Good luck!

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