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Stat Totals
  • Smithing Level +2
  • Tinkerer Level +2

"You're armed with the latest in modern steam-powered military hardware. GLORY TO THE EMPIRE! (Tinkering ability will improve your mechanical attacks.)"

Clockwork Knight is added in the second expansion, You Have To Name The Expansion Pack, and starts the player with a Helm leather cap cog.pngLeather Cap with a Cog On It. (See: Starting Equipment)

[edit] Levels

Level Icon Name Increased Stats Granted Ability Description
1 Tech scavenger64.png Tech Scavenger Passive: Tech Scavenger

Tinkerer's Goggles recipe Bugged, part of the original mod, left in the code

Your close affinity with mechanical technology gives you an eye for salvaging quality parts and scrap metal from slain constructs.
2 Rocket fist64.png Rocket-powered Punch Smithing Level +1 Rocket-powered Punch

Clockwork Grappling Bolt recipe

You can periodically launch a fist-shaped rocket from your arm-cannon to give wayward brigands and blaggards what-for.
3 Rocket jump64.png Rocket Jump Tinkerer Level +1 Rocket Jump

Steam Rocket Bolt recipe

You learn to propel yourself by detonating an explosive below your feet just as you jump through the air. This attack is bold and may surprise your enemies-- especially if you jump on their heads. Your tinkering skill enhances the bomb blast. Only works in cardinal directions.
4 Augmented limbs64.png Augmented Limbs Passive: Clockwork Threshing

Clockwork Power-limb recipe

Your steam-powered limbs may automatically go on a destructive rampage in combat and thresh your enemies.
5 Mecha stomp64.png Parabolic Mecha-stomp Parabolic Mecha-stomp

Clockwork Actuators recipe

You leap into the air and come crashing down. The power of your mechanical limbs rocks the dungeon floor like a small boat on a stormy sea of metaphor.
6 Damper64.png Thaumecha-kinetic Damper Smithing Level +1 Thaumecha-kinetic Damper

Imperial Clockwork Helm recipe

Your suit can emit a powerful inertial dampening field that can protect you from projectiles and explosions. This energy shield requires a lot of energy to operate.
7 Steam charge64.png Charge of the Steam Brigade Tinkerer Level +1 Charge of the Steam Brigade

Imperial Clockwork Plate recipe

By steam-powered rocket boot you propel yourself straight into the heart of the enemy to strike with the force of the Empire's glory! FOR THE QUEEN AND COUNTRY! Only works in cardinal directions, of course.

[edit] Granted Abilities

Name Cooldown Effect
Tech Scavenger - 25 % chance to proc Tech Scavenge when killing an enemy construct. Constructs will drop either Scrap Iron, Scrap Steel, Copper Scrap Piping, or Aluminum Scrap Piping. Tech Scavenge has an additional 50 % chance to cause constructs to drop Component voltaic cell.pngVoltaic Cell, Spring-Loaded Power Core, Component wire copper.pngCopper Wire, Component parts brass.pngBrass Mechanisms, and a 10 % chance to drop Gem diamond.pngDiamond, Aetheric Power Cylinder, Self-sealing Stem Bolt, and Slotted Bronze Discs.
Rocket-powered Punch Cooldown 24 Single target ranged spell inflicting Blasting Damage 5, Crushing Damage ( 5 + Melee Power ), Crushing Damage ( 5 + Melee Power ) , knocking the enemy back 2 tiles and paralyzing it for one turn. Can also knock back items and furniture. This ability can score critical hits.
Rocket Jump Cooldown 4 Deals damage to the character for Conflagratory Damage 5 and Blasting Damage ( 15 + Armour Absorption ).

Jumps to a visible block any distance (or onto the same tile the character's standing) in any cardinal direction. Before jumping, deals Conflagratory Damage ( 3 + Tinkerer Level Multi.png 2 ) and Blasting Damage ( 6 + Tinkerer Level Multi.png 4 ) damage first in a cross 1 tile out in each direction, then in a 3Multi.png3 block centered around the character. After the jump, it has a chance to paralyze enemies in a cross 1 tile out in each direction from the targeted tile. If the targeted tile contained an enemy, it will be damaged for Blasting Damage ( 2 + Armour Absorption ) and pushed away.

Clockwork Threshing - 5% chance on hit to get a free attack against enemies in melee range.
Parabolic Mecha-stomp Cooldown 50 Jumps to a visible tile 2 tiles away in any cardinal direction. Deals Crushing Damage ( Armour Absorption Multi.png 4 ) and 2 Multi.png Crushing Damage 10 in a 3Multi.png3 block around the characters landing spot potentially shifting the positions of obstacles, walls, or items. Debuffs the character by Counter Chance -100 and Magic Resistance -20 for one turn.
Thaumecha-kinetic Damper Cooldown 40 Thaumecha-kinetic Damper is a self-buff, costing Mana Points 1 every 3 turns to keep up and provides the following benefits: Crushing Damage Resistance +4 Slashing Damage Resistance +4 Blasting Damage Resistance +8 Piercing Damage Resistance +4. Additionally, each time the character is hit Mana Points 2 will be drained.
Charge of the Steam Brigade Cooldown 160 Jumps to a visible tile any distance (or onto the same tile the character's standing) in any cardinal direction. A jet of flames shoots out 3 tiles in the opposite direction of the charge, dealing Conflagratory Damage 4 Blasting Damage 2 on the nearest tile, Conflagratory Damage 2 Blasting Damage 2 on the middle tile and Conflagratory Damage 1 Blasting Damage 1 on the farthest. The character is then teleported, knocking aside any enemy landed on.
If the targeted tile contained a monster, it will be hit for Crushing Damage ( 6 + Armour Absorption ) and paralyzed for one turn. Adjacent monsters are hit for Righteous Damage 20 Aethereal Damage 10 and paralyzed for 5 turns. If the targeted tile contained a monster, it will then be hit for additional Conflagratory Damage 8 Blasting Damage ( 20 + Armour Absorption ).

Damages for Conflagratory Damage ( 12 + Melee Power Multi.png 2 ), Blasting Damage ( 12 + Melee Power Multi.png 2 ) in a cross 1 tile out in each direction at the targeted tile, then damages for Conflagratory Damage ( 6 + Melee Power ), Blasting Damage ( 6 + Melee Power ) in a 3Multi.png3 block, then Conflagratory Damage ( 3 + Melee Power Multi.png 0.5 ), Blasting Damage ( 3 + Melee Power Multi.png 0.5 ) in a rough 5Multi.png5 circle, then Conflagratory Damage ( 3 + Melee Power Multi.png 0.25 ), Blasting Damage ( 3 + Melee Power Multi.png 0.25 ) in a 7Multi.png7 circle.
Finally buffs the character with Blaze of Glory: Blasting Damage Resistance +8, Conflagratory Damage Resistance +8, Melee Power +8 and Armour Absorption +8 for 20 turns. While this buff is active the character has a 25 % to proc a free attack against a random enemy next to him/her when being hit or 20% when hitting an enemy.

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