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Damage Resistance is a stat which reduces the amount of damage you receive from that specific type. It is gained with the aid of Skills and Equipment. It, just like Damage, comes in multiple forms.

[edit] Resistance Types

Icon Name Description Monsters that deal it Damage Monsters that deal it Damage
Crushing Damage Resistance Crushing "Crushing resistance allows you to successfully resist the impact of large, blunt objects like bricks." Blobby Crushing Damage 1 Electroblobby Crushing Damage 1
Kleptoblobby Crushing Damage 1 Toxiblobby Crushing Damage 1
Sanguiblobby Crushing Damage 2 Thermoblobby Crushing Damage 2
Blob of Corruption Crushing Damage 10 Octo Crushing Damage 2
Zomby Crushing Damage 1 Djinn Crushing Damage 2
Djinn Crushing Damage 4 Thrusty Crushing Damage 4
Icy Golem Crushing Damage 6 Flaming Golem Crushing Damage 6
Unhealthful Golem Crushing Damage 4 Magicky Golem Crushing Damage 4
Steamy Golem Crushing Damage 1 Golden Golem Crushing Damage 8
Footy Crushing Damage 12 Grandpa Mustache Crushing Damage 3
Mustache Spirit Crushing Damage 1 Big Red Crushing Damage 30
Snow Baal Crushing Damage 20 Lucky Crushing Damage 2
Far Darrig Crushing Damage 6 Lord Dredmor Crushing Damage 10
Brax Crushing Damage 10
Slashing Damage Resistance Slashing "Slashing resistance protects you from attacks by attacks and weapons with bladed edges. It also helps reduce razor burn." Diggle Slashing Damage 1 Sickly Diggle Slashing Damage 1
Enraged Diggle Slashing Damage 3 Arch Diggle Slashing Damage 12
Diggle Commando Slashing Damage 1 Deth Slashing Damage 2
Djinn Fizz Slashing Damage 1 Batty Slashing Damage 1
Lil Batty Slashing Damage 2 Blink Batty Slashing Damage 2
Pumpkinn Slashing Damage 8 Eely Slashing Damage 8
Lava Eely Slashing Damage 10 Witchy Slashing Damage 1
Monstrous Mask Slashing Damage 1 Swarmy Slashing Damage 6
Mushy Slashing Damage 4 Carrotty Slashing Damage 4
Young Carrot Slashing Damage 2 Cold Carrot Slashing Damage 1
Magma Carrot Slashing Damage 1 Fell Carrot Slashing Damage 3
Robo Slashing Damage 10 Unfriendly AI Slashing Damage 1
Blasting Damage Resistance Blasting "Blasting resistance lets you go out with a bang." Djinn Fizz Blasting Damage 10 Steamy Golem Blasting Damage 1
Piercing Damage Resistance Piercing "Piercing resistance allows you to be stung by twenty thousand bees and not feel a thing! (Well, very little.)" Diggle Piercing Damage 2 Sickly Diggle Piercing Damage 1
Enraged Diggle Piercing Damage 2 Arch Diggle Piercing Damage 20
Diggle Commando Piercing Damage 6 Djinn Fizz Piercing Damage 6
Batty Piercing Damage 3 Lil Batty Piercing Damage 1
Blink Batty Piercing Damage 2 Witchy Piercing Damage 7
Monstrous Mask Piercing Damage 4 Swarmy Piercing Damage 2
Robo Piercing Damage 5 Unfriendly AI Piercing Damage 3
Conflagratory Damage Resistance Conflagratory "Conflagratory resistance is very useful if you're a witch, or are likely to be working near witches or other flammable objects. Caution: asbestos armour has been determined by the Dwarven Mountainhomes to cause an increase in lung cancer, beard rot, and Strange Moods." Thermoblobby Conflagratory Damage 4 Lava Eely Conflagratory Damage 10
Magma Carrot Conflagratory Damage 5 Flaming Golem Conflagratory Damage 8
Steamy Golem Conflagratory Damage 1 Flamer Conflagratory Damage 5
Hyperborean Damage Resistance Hyperborean "Hyperborean resistance, common amongst the savage Viking hordes, helps you survive even the chilliest of winters or wintery attacks." Monstrous Mask Hyperborean Damage 6 Cold Carrot Hyperborean Damage 10
Icy Golem Hyperborean Damage 6 Ice Wyrm Hyperborean Damage 5
Voltaic Damage Resistance Voltaic "Voltaic resistance is best achieved by strapping frogs to your body. Their tough, thick conductive hides will help protect you from any electrical encounters. Failing that, we recommend magic rings or something." Electroblobby Voltaic Damage 2 Kleptoblobby Voltaic Damage 2
Robo Voltaic Damage 5 Unfriendly AI Voltaic Damage 3
Toxic Damage Resistance Toxic "Toxic resistance is highly praised by those gourmands wishing to dine on the finest in Goblin cuisine." Toxiblobby Toxic Damage 3 Sickly Diggle Toxic Damage 2
Mushy Toxic Damage 8 Unhealthful Golem Toxic Damage 4
Magicky Golem Toxic Damage 4 Squiddy Toxic Damage 7
Righteous Damage Resistance Righteous "Righteous resistance helps protect you from being smote by Divine Powers. It will not, however, protect you from being eaten by bears, as befell the children who mocked the prophet Elisha."
Necromantic Damage Resistance Necromantic "Necromantic resistance is very useful when dealing with any members of the undead, and the occasional politican." Deth Necromantic Damage 2 Fell Carrot Necromantic Damage 4
Lord Dredmor Necromantic Damage 10
Acidic Damage Resistance Acidic "Acidic resistance is best achieved by covering yourself, head to toe, in baking soda. Failing that, we suggest the adventurer's fallback: magic rings, again." Blobby Acidic Damage 2
Putrefying Damage Resistance Putrefying "Putrefying resistance lets you survive attacks which may try to rot your skin off." Blob of Corruption Putrefying Damage 10 Zomby Putrefying Damage 2
Fell Carrot Putrefying Damage 4
Transmutative Damage Resistance Transmutative "Transmutative resistance helps you resist transmutation. Whatever that is." Octo Transmutative Damage 3 Djinn Transmutative Damage 1
Djinn Transmutative Damage 1 Magic Dragon Transmutative Damage 3
Lord Dredmor Transmutative Damage 10
Aethereal Damage Resistance Aethereal "Aethereal resistance protects you from attacks fuelled by the power of the stars, the universe, and the influences of the Celestial Bodies upon your more earthly body. Caution: do not stare directly into the Celestial Aegis." Lucky Aethereal Damage 5 Far Darrig Aethereal Damage 6
Asphyxiative Damage Resistance Asphyxiative "Asphyxiative resistance: the Heimlich Maneuver of the tenth century." Steamy Golem Asphyxiative Damage 1 Grandpa Mustache Asphyxiative Damage 4
Mustache Spirit Asphyxiative Damage 2
Existential Damage Resistance Existential "Existential resistance: you think, therefore you resist."

[edit] Guide

Resistances subtract from incoming damage. For example, if your character is hit by an attack that deals Conflagratory Damage 2 and Piercing Damage 2, and the character has Conflagratory Damage Resistance 1, it will only suffer 3 damage since the resistance reduced the Conflagratory Damage 2 down to Conflagratory Damage 1.

The most important resistances are:

Other resistances are less useful:

Note: DoTs from traps can be removed by a Wand zodiacal.pngZodiacal Wand or Potion purity0.pngPotion of Purity instead of resisting them.

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