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Throughout the five new dungeon levels added in the new Realm of the Diggle Gods DLC there are a number of statues dedicated to the various diggle gods, that diggles apparently worship. Despite the fact that diggles are evil and you spend most of your time killing them and defiling their temples – you can still worship at them in order to gain a permanent blessing that lasts until you pray at a different diggle god statue. A single floor can have multiple statues. You can not have multiple blessings, you lose your previous blessing when you pray another god. There is no known way of removing a blessing without having to take a new one.

[edit] Statue Types

Name Sprite Blessing Blessing Bonus
Diggle God of War Diggle god war.png Diggle God of War Blessing Burliness 7 Caddishness 7

Melee Power 10 Armour Absorption 8

Chance on being hit to gain Monstrous Rage for 10 turns granting an additional:

Burliness 1 Caddishness 1

Melee Power 2 Armour Absorption 2

This effect can stack at least 5 times.

Melee attacks have a chance to cause the Fleshbore effect.

Diggle God of Digging Diggle god digging.png Diggle God of Digging Blessing Blasting Damage 6 Piercing Damage 10

Burliness 1 Caddishness 1

Melee Power 2 Armour Absorption 2

Melee attacks cause the Fleshbore effect.

Diggle God of Death Diggle god death.png Diggle God of Death Blessing Necromantic Damage 5 Putrefying Damage 5

Hyperborean Damage Resistance 5 Necromantic Damage Resistance 15 Putrefying Damage Resistance 15 Toxic Damage Resistance 15 Asphyxiative Damage Resistance 15

Sagacity 10

Health Regeneration Bonus -25 Mana Regeneration Bonus -25 Visual Sight Radius -2

Attacks have a 1/3 chance to cause a 3x3 cloud of Necromantic Damage 7 Putrefying Damage 7 Toxic Damage 7 Asphyxiative Damage 7 damage to spawn around your attack target. It doesn't do any damage to you due to the resistances gained from this blessing.

Diggle God of Fertility Diggle god fertility.png Diggle God of Fertility Blessing Stubbornness 10

Life Points 22 Health Regeneration Bonus 12

Has a chance to buff you with Minor Regen for 10 turns.

Diggle Devil Diggle devil.png Diggle Devil Blessing Blasting Damage 6 Conflagratory Damage 6

Conflagratory Damage Resistance 6 Righteous Damage Resistance -10

Melee attacks have a 10% chance of the On Fire effect, a 10% chance of casting Ignition Bolt, and a 5% chance of casting Gog's Tactical Pyre. (Note: this statue can only be found in Diggle Hell).

Diggle God of Secrets Diggle god secrets.png Diggle God of Secrets Blessing Sneakiness 50 Trap Sight Radius 3 Trap Affinity 3 Visual Sight Radius -5 Smithing Level 2 Tinkerer Level 2 Alchemy Level 2

Also grants Stat wandburn.png 2, but that's the obsolete Wand Lore skill, not Wandcrafting Level.

This hidden statue can be found by breaking through certain sections of wall using damage. This author was using spell damage from Unholy Warcry to discover this by accident. It is unknown if melee attacks would break the wall (they don't - not legal target).

Other Statues:
Statue of the Master of Shadow Silence Mordekai Blessing of Silence Mordekai: +5 Sagacity ; +5 Stubbornness ; +5 Haywire Chance ; +5 Sneakiness
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