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"Harness the power of whatever, and like, stuff."

Emomancy was added in the first expansion, Realm of the Diggle Gods, and is similar to Psionics in that it revolves mostly around support spells and status effects, with a few attack spells. Note that 'The Cure' has a debuff that takes 99 turns to wear off, making this skill tree not suggested for newer players. The main drawing point to this skill tree is the ability to pacify enemies as well as the nice anti-magic defensive buff.

[edit] Levels

Level Icon Name Increased Stats Granted Ability Description
1 Emo blink64.png Love Will Teleport Us Apart Love Will Teleport Us Apart You can't be together any more!
2 The cure64.png The Cure The Cure The Cure will heal you, but at a terrible price that will be photographed in your school yearbook.
3 Chemical explosion64.png My Chemical Explosion My Chemical Explosion Show the world just how much it hurts with this depressingly sizzly acid ball of nastiness.
4 Dampening64.png Dampening Field of Angst Dampening Field of Angst As long as this glooming cloud persists magic in its radius will cease to be.
5 Whatever64.png Sigil of Whatever Sigil of Whatever Anything that steps on the Sigil of Whatever will suddenly find itself not really caring about anything at all.
6 Black eyeliner64.png Mark of the Black Eyeliner Mark of the Black Eyeliner Take up the mark, and be the saviour of the beaten, the broken and the damned. Or something.
7 Depressing blast64.png Depressing Elemental Blast Depressing Elemental Blast Depressing. So very, VERY depressing. Anyone hit by this beam will be struct with existential despair and passivity.

[edit] Granted Abilities

Name Cost Mana Points Effect
Love Will Teleport Us Apart Mana Points 6 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.1 )
Min Mana Points 3
Teleports target enemy to a random nearby square, similar to Froda's Jump Discontinuity only on an enemy.
The Cure Mana Points 16 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.1 )
Min Mana Points 6
Heals the character for Life Points ( 7 + 0.2 Multi.png Magic Power ), removes curses, and debuffs Burliness -1 Sagacity -1 Nimbleness -1 Existential Damage Resistance -1 for 99 turns. Can stack up to 8 times.
My Chemical Explosion Mana Points 28 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.28 )
Min Mana Points 9
Throws an acid ball, causing an explosion that deals Acidic Damage ( 2 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.15 ) Asphyxiative Damage ( 2 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.1 ) Putrefying Damage ( 2 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.05 ) and invokes Weak Acid Burn on anything walking through it. The cloud of acid lasts for 12 turns. Can damage the character.
Dampening Field of Angst Mana Points 16 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.2 )
Min Mana Points 8
Casts Antimagic Field on anything in the field for 24 turns. Once a target is affected, this debuff lasts for 15 turns.
Sigil of Whatever Mana Points 18 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.15 )
Min Mana Points 8
Summons a Sigil of Whatever onto target tile, which damages for Existential Damage ( 2 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.1 ), pacifices angry opponents, has a 25 % chance to paralyze for one turn, and debuffs the enemy with Ennui.
Mark of the Black Eyeliner Mana Points 24 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.3 )
Min Mana Points 8
Buffs the character by Necromantic Damage Resistance 2 Aethereal Damage Resistance 2 Transmutative Damage Resistance 2 Righteous Damage Resistance 2 Armour Absorption 2 Magic Resistance 12. Requires Mana Points 1 upkeep every 5 turns.
Depressing Elemental Blast Mana Points 40 - ( Savvy Multi.png 0.3 )
Min Mana Points 12
Fires a beam that deals Existential Damage ( 9 + Magic Power Multi.png 0.2 ) damage. Angry enemies hit by this beam will become peaceful.

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