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Consuming food is a slightly faster way to regain health than by simply waiting in place. When consumed, food increases your health regeneration to 1 per turn, for a length of time indicated in the description of the food item. Some food can be crafted into other, better food.

To consume food, place it in your belt or inventory and right-click on it. Food is a one-use item and will disappear after being consumed. Note that unlike many other consumables, the timer for food will stack. (Eating two Grilled Steak will increase the timer to 20)

Icon Name Description Effects
Food lutefisk.png Lutefisk "Lutefisk, a traditional Norwegian fish product, was invented by the Vikings as an easier way of instilling fear in their enemies than raiding and pillaging. It is traditionally inflicted upon young Norwegians by their grandparents, and is described by one famous author as 'the world's largest chunk of phlegm.'" Heals Life Points 1
Food tofu.png Tofu "It's whatever you want it to be. Just close your eyes and imagine." Heals Life Points 12
Food steak fresh.png Fresh Steak "It looks like it's been cut right from the steak-beast." Heals Life Points 7
Food steak.png Steak "This steak is dripping with thick, rich suffering." Heals Life Points 6
Food steak aged.png Aged Steak "A little age brings out the flavor, right?" Heals Life Points 3
Food steak grilled.png Grilled Steak "Tastes like juicy, delicious, burnt murder." Heals Life Points 10
Food offal.png Offal "Another triumph of amateur butchery!" Heals Life Points 3
Food flesh cube.png Cube of Flesh "It is gross but at least it stacks nicely." Heals Life Points 4
Food ground meat.png Ground Meat "This is an ur-mass of undifferentiated flesh to which we all one day return." Heals Life Points 3
Food danish.png Danish "This pastry is alarmingly unhealthy. Can't you find anything better?" Heals Life Points 10
Food slicedbread.png Sliced Bread "The best thing since itself." Heals Life Points 7
Food apple.png Apple "It keeps those creepy doctors away." Heals Life Points 5
Food plum.png Plum "Juicy!" Heals Life Points 5
Food pear.png Pear "Amongst the more deceptive of fruits, the pear is not to be trusted." Heals Life Points 5
Food diggle egg.png Diggle Egg "Watch out for salmonella!" Heals Life Points 10
Food cheese.png Cheese "This is what happens when someone leaves the milk out." Heals Life Points 7
Food cheese aged.png Aged Cheese "This cheese is from ages long past." Heals Life Points 9
Food cheese blue aged.png Aged Blue Cheese "This cheese is from ages long past. Also blue." Heals Life Points 13
Food cheese round.png Cheese Round "A well-rounded cheese." Heals Life Points 11
Food cheese brie.png Brie Cheese "Allegedly 'one of the best cheeses in existence'." Heals Life Points 13
Food cheese parmigiano-reggiano.png Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese "Yes, it's legit." Heals Life Points 15
Food cheese smoked applewood.png Smoked Applewood Cheddar Cheese "Not a cheese to be trifled with." Heals Life Points 16
Food cheese mini gouda.png Mini Gouda Cheese "An adorable little cheese." Heals Life Points 10
Food cheese chevre log.png Chevre Log Cheese "It's like a forest of cheese was felled just for you." Heals Life Points 14
Food cheese havarti.png Havarti "It's a blob of cheese." Heals Life Points 11
Food grated cheese.png Grated Cheese A homogenized mass of expired dairy product. One hopes you didn't ruin a good cheese for this." Heals Life Points 3
Food omelette.png Deep Omelette "Born of the the bowels of the earth, this omelette quivers chthonically at you." Heals Life Points 64
Food omelette.png Cheesy Omelette "Born of the gooey union of pre-born broodspawn from the stygian depths and befouled milk, this omelette slouches churlishly, just daring you to taste it." Heals Life Points 36
Food grilled cheese.png Grilled Cheese Sandwich "This is the greasy offspring of an unnatural union of cheese and bread conducted in a high-temperature environment." Heals Life Points 40
Root of tchar.png Root of T'Char "Ia ia! This root shall suffer! D'hol nor KLOU FNA'GRU AR KA-LACH OX XIM YALA (et cetera.)" Heals Life Points 1

This Root Shall Suffer

Food sandwich dire.png Dire Sandwich "This sandwich is of great stature; It has unmanned better heroes than you. Dare you feed upon its glory?" Heals Life Points 29
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