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A terrifying sorcerer, who sought to defy death by means of his powerful magic. Now, trapped in the Dungeon, he seeks to turn the world to dust. Evil dust.

Latin Taxonomy: (real name unknown)

Base level: 10

XP Value: 0*

Skill Levels: Fighter 15, Rogue 10, Wizard 40

AI Aggressiveness: 30

Span: 50

Damage: Blasting Damage 4 Crushing Damage 10 Necromantic Damage 10 Transmutative Damage 10

Bonus stats: Armour Absorption 20 Block Chance 25 Life Points 200

Resistances: Toxic Damage Resistance 20 Putrefying Damage Resistance 10 Necromantic Damage Resistance 20 Hyperborean Damage Resistance 10 Conflagratory Damage Resistance 10 Existential Damage Resistance 15 Asphyxiative Damage Resistance 20 Voltaic Damage Resistance 10 Piercing Damage Resistance 5 Transmutative Damage Resistance 10

Spells: 40% chance to cast one of the following:

Special: On hit: 100% chance to Corrupt Equipment.

[edit] Notes

It is recommended to get him alone, otherwise, he may continue to repeatedly revive dead monsters to attack the character. The recommended damage type is righteous or, oddly enough, acidic. Blasting and of course aethereal damage is effective as well.

As his melee attack is quite powerful and has the annoying property of corrupting your equipment, it's understandable to want to engage him from a distance. However, pets and normal means of evasion can be used to engage him safely... as long as they last.

Most crossbow users, however, will find themselves out of ammo far before his health bar has even been chipped by one tenth. And only a few spells in the game can really do any damage to him at all; even fewer will deal full damage.

Users of Promethean Magic or Viking Wizardry will find themselves much less effective, but still able to deal partial damage with their ultimate abilities. Egyptian Magic is utterly useless, as is Necronomiconomics. Astrology is really the only skill that will deal decent amounts of damage to him, but requires you to get dangerously close. One tactic may be to lay massive amounts Solar Inscriptions and try to lure him through them.

The Rogue Scientist's skills and the Paranormal Investigator's Alien Weapon ability will deal great damage but all have lengthy cooldowns. The (relatively) quickest way to blast Dredmor down from a distance is perhaps the Perception skill's Eye Lasers. They'll deal a minimum of 20 damage a shot and allow you to stay at maximum range to escape if he gets too close.

Dredmor has a little over 2,000 health on Dwarven Moderation difficulty, meaning you'll have to land about 100 Eye Lasers on him to kill him. With the proper escape skills this is really not that difficult, but takes an annoyingly long amount of time.

As far as ranged weapons go, Holy Hand Grenades, Clockwork Sawblades and Clockwork Drill Bombs are a comparatively fast way to shut him down, but they're quite rare except in the deepest (expensive) vending machines.

Lord Dredmor is susceptible to silence as normal, so Gag Order, Sonic Wands etc can be used to shut down his barrage of devastating spells.

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