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Fungi are one use consumable items that increase various attributes for a period of time. They are frequently found in chests or as drops from Deep Fungus Diggles, or can be grown on dead enemies with Spores from the Fungal Arts skill.

To consume a fungus, place it in your belt or inventory and right-click on it.

Icon Name Description Notes
Fungus azuremobbonnet.png Azure Mob-Bonnet This cool, smooth fungus is just seeping with rich magicks. Sagacity +5 Savvy +5 for 63 turns. Stacks up to 3 times.
Fungus fairywodger.png Fairywodger Every year, tiny fairies collect these rare, healing fungi in preparation for the event known only as the great Wodger Festival. Restores Life Points 6 instantly and heals Life Points 1 for 6 turns. Stacks up to 4 times.
Fungus felltruffle.png Fell Truffle The Fell Truffle is the only mushroom in the world that can leap out of the ground and throttle a truffle-hunting pig. Melee Power +1 Critical Chance +2 Necromantic Damage 4 Putrefying Damage 2 for 6 attacks.
Fungus greedyblungecap.png Greedy Blungecap Known to grow upon and consume boots, often avoided by seasoned adventurers. Excellent with a lemon sauce. Grants ability to drain lifeforce for 19 rounds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Fungus grungeear.png Grunge Ear Apart from its better-known toughening effects, this fungus may cause an appreciation for flannel. Causes Plaid Power which buffs Stubbornness +2 Crushing Damage Resistance +1 Slashing Damage Resistance +1 Conflagratory Damage Resistance +1 Hyperborean Damage Resistance +3 Voltaic Damage Resistance +1 Acidic Damage Resistance +1 for 60 turns. Stacks up to 3 times.
Fungus inky hoglantern.png Inky Hoglantern The fruiting body of the Inky Hoglantern only blooms in the middle of the deepest night of the year. Good thing you're finding these in a dungeon. Buffs Invisibility and Visual Sight Radius -3 for 6 turns. Stacks, but parallel buff timers makes it worse, and just lose more sight radius.
Fungus lobstermane.png Lobstermane Fungus Easily mistaken for true Lobstermane, the Lobstermane fungus is the foundation of a grey-market economy in shoddy culinary substitutes. Buffs Stubbornness +1 and Armour Absorption +1 for 5 hits. Stacks up to 3 times.
Fungus mudwen.png Mud Wen Grows in muck and often mistaken for its medium. Causes Unpleasant Poison which debuffs Life Points -5 and Health Regeneration Bonus -2 for 30 turns. No stack Limit, not like you should be eating them anyway.
Fungus nightcap.png Night Cap This mushroom smells of rich fungal liquor. Restores Mana Points 6 instantly and Mana Points 1 for 8 turns. Stacks up to 3 times.
Fungus odiouspuffball.png Odious Puffball It's highly puffy and full of confusing spores. Creates 3 Puffballs (Thrown Weapons that create a cloud of highly confusing toxic spores on impact)
Fungus plumbersagaric.png Plumber's Agaric This is one of those herbal remedies that people take to try to make themselves bigger. Buffs Burliness +3 for 63 turns. Stacks up to 3 times.
Fungus theprince.png The Prince A regal mushroom better feared than loved. Buffs Life Points +12 for 5 hits.
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