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Stat Totals
  • Caddishness +5

"Yarr, ye knew it had to be."

Piracy was added in the first expansion, Realm of the Diggle Gods. Note that this skill does not grant any additional bonuses when used in conjunction with pirate-themed equipment.

[edit] Levels

Level Icon Name Increased Stats Granted Ability Description
1 Plundering 64.png Plundering Caddishness +1 Passive: Plunder Yarr, ye plunder all the booty there be - and more that be not 'til ye plundered thereso reifiying ye avarice as golden rewards to-hand, its being itself not being in question at this point. Yarr.
2 Swashbuckling64.png Swashbuckling Caddishness +1 Swashbuckling You've learned dirty swashbuckling tactics from your time on the seas. Allows you to counter ALL of the next few attacks against yourself.
3 Mists of the Corsair64.png Mists of the Corsair Caddishness +1 Mists of the Corsair The Mists of the Corsair serve to hide all manner of piratical activity from the eyes of authorities and can be very useful to escape a tight spot. Can only be called upon every so often.
4 The Black Spot64.png The Black Spot Caddishness +1 The Black Spot Whoever is marked with the Black Spot can hope only for a quick death, or the next best thing: deep-fried cheesecake on a stick. The point is the marked target is utterly doomed so watch where you point this thing.
5 Broadside64.png Broadside Caddishness +1 Broadside Give 'em the broadside, me hearties! (Don't ask where the cannon is hidden.)

[edit] Granted Abilities

Name Cooldown Effect
Plunder - Has a 10 % chance of spawning a random gem when killing an enemy.
Swashbuckling Cooldown 44 Buffs the character with Counter Chance +75 for 4 turns.
Mists of the Corsair Cooldown 80 Buffs the character with Dodge Chance +20 and Sneakiness +50 for 8 turns. It also summons a cloud of smoke (lasts for 32 turns) in a 1 tile radius around the user pacifying and confusing enemies that walk into it.
The Black Spot Cooldown 50 An enemy is debuffed for 20 turns with Dodge Chance -20 Block Chance -20 Counter Chance -20 Melee Power -5 Armour Absorption -5 Crushing Damage Resistance -4 Slashing Damage Resistance -4 Piercing Damage Resistance -4 Existential Damage Resistance -10 and damaged once for Existential Damage 1.
Broadside Cooldown 44 Damages a single target for Crushing Damage 8 Blasting Damage 4 Blasting Damage 4 and knocks it back 2 tiles.
Shoots 4 additional shots north, south, west and east and has two chances (25 % and 15 %) to fire an extra shot at the targeted monster. Each of these damages for Crushing Damage ( 8 + Caddishness Multi.png 0.25 ) Blasting Damage ( 8 + Caddishness Multi.png 0.35 ) with a 50 % chance to deal extra Blasting Damage 6 and knock the object/monster back 2 tiles.
Every shot fired has a 75 % chance to drop a Thrown solid shot.pngSolid Shot.

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