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The player is able to choose 7 skills upon starting a new game. These are the skills the character will have for the duration of that characters life-- new skills cannot be learned, and the ones chosen cannot be changed once in game.

Whenever you gain an experience level you gain a skill point, which can be used to advance one of your skills. Skills have 5-8 levels of advancement.

Skills determine starting equipment, offer stat bonuses and buffs, and can grant spells that can be used by the player.

To create and vote on skill builds, see: Strategy.

For a simple breakdown of the skills, (incomplete) see: Basic Skill Strategy.


[edit] Vanilla Skills

Swords Daggers Axes Maces Polearms Staves Archery Thrown Weapons Unarmed Combat Dual Wielding
Shield Bearer Berserker Rage Artful Dodger Master of Arms Vampirism Golemancy Fleshsmithing Mathemagic Psionics Necronomiconomics
Viking Wizardry Astrology Promethean Magic Magic Training Blood Mage Ley Walker Perception Burglary Assassination Fungal Arts
Alchemy Wand Lore Archaeology Smithing Tinkering Last Choice Random Skills

[edit] DLC Skills - Realm of the Diggle Gods

Big Game Hunter Emomancy Werediggle Killer Vegan Piracy Demonologist

[edit] DLC Skills - You Have to Name The Expansion Pack

Clockwork Knight Rogue Scientist Battle Geology Warlockery

[edit] DLC Skills - Conquest of the Wizardlands

Bankster Communist Egyptian Magic Magical Law Paranormal Investigator Tourist

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