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== neocow == So, they are planning on releasing non-steam versions in the future... on different sites.

== sirspate == Now that the Realm of the Diggle Gods has been released, as well as mod support, the answer to that question should probably be updated.

[edit] This Page Is All Wrong

And It Is Locked in order to noone can fix it.

First of all, nobody asks "What language is Dungeons of Dredmor programmed in" because nobody cares. And those who does understand what programming languages are... they can found it is C++ trough noticing dozens crashes per day (to be honest that was way before Diggle DLC).

Other Q&As (Bold is text to be added or replaced to):

Q: What platforms does it run on?

A: Windows, Mac and Linux

Q: What if I hate Steam?

A: You can hate Steam and still buy the game through them. Think of the starving devs you're supporting! Also you can obtain the game using which is basically similar to Steam but does nothing with Valve, EA or other majors

Q: Will there be any updates? DLC? Mod support?

A: The dev team is constantly working on enhancements to the game ("patches"). There are three DLC (one for free and two for $2) and bunch of community-made mods

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