Tentacular Doom

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Eldritch pillar64.png

"Open one of your six mouths and sing the song that ends the Earth."

Base Cost: Mana Points 12 - ( 0.25 Multi.png Magic Power )

Minimum Cost: Mana Points 3


  • Damage: Necromantic Damage ( 1 + 0.43 Multi.png Magic Power )
  • DOT: Zalgo1 for 1 turn

Area: 4 tile radius from the center (7Multi.png7 rough circle)

Duration: 7 turns

Tentacular Doom is a necromantic area effect attack that can be triggered by other spells such as Tenebrous Rift. It creates a large area in a rough circle 7 tiles across, in which anything moving into or through the area will take a significant amount of damage.

It is a side-effect of spells cast by characters with the Necronomiconomics skill tree, and part of the side effects of consuming a Root of T'Char or from a Bolt of Squid.

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